Mar 16, 2009

Wil's Last Game

This is for all my family that didn't get to see Wil play ball this year. This was Wil's last game. He hated to see it end. Sorry Mags...I meant to say he was disappointed that it had to end. Uncle Mike, you're way cool for making this video for Wil. Tommy and I and Wil love it. Wilson certainly ended the season well!! As you can see he plays with passion and yes he really did make those shots. I wish I could say he got it from me. Upwards is a wonderful program and they did a superb job putting it on this year.

Mar 10, 2009

A Date With Daddy

My baby girl and my wonderful man went out on a date tonight. I love the way Tom treats Maggie like she is the only real princess even though we know all good daddies think the same thing about their little girls. I fixed her hair which was not fun. It was like mixing water and oil. It was not the hair that gave us trouble, it was the hairdresser (me) and the not-so-cooperative princess. I stink at fixing hair and Maggie stinks at patience. We're both working on it. But by the time we finished, both momma and Mags were happy with the results.
No formal date is complete without a corsage (pictured is daddy presenting it to Mags)

Tommy has a great desire to date his daughter. Why? It shows her how a real man...gentleman that suppose to conduct himself when with a lady. Tonight was a really special date. He took her to a daddy/daughter princess banquet. She got to wear a new pretty dress and be made to feel very very special.

I can't wait to hear how it went. I know it was fun. When you get Tommy and Maggie together, it is always a hoot. I just pray that Maggie didn't say poot or booty at the table. Those are her 2 recurrent units of expression right now. I can't count on Tom's rebuke if this situation arises since he struggles to contain his amusement. They are so much alike. I for one cannot tell a joke to save my life. People laugh at me not with me.

Well from the end of the night picture it looks like Maggie and her prince charming had a fancy time!!

Mar 6, 2009

Lots of Trey

This picture inspired me to share what I'm enjoying in Trey. We thought Mags was going to be our strong willed child, but this morning's little episode caused me to withdrawal for consideration that Maggie just might have met her match. What you see here is a stand-off between mom and toddler. My children are creatures of habit and they have many. It will drive you crazy except that I'm just like em'. Anywho Trey was ready for his post-morning-nap juicy. I have taught each one of my kids to sign before they could talk. It cuts down on the tantrums since they can't verbally communicate. They can use sign language. Trey knows well the sign for "please". We don't give him anything he wants without having him sign "please" for it. Lately I have noticed he is getting resistant to it at times. It is almost like he wants to see just how far he can get without doing it. This morning he was particularly cross having a cold and all. I said, "say please" (which means sign for it). He stomped his feet and squealed. Again I said, "Trey say please" and again he stomped and squealed. He was not going to give in. This went on for about 5 minutes. That doesn't sound long but it seemed like forever. Finally I poured it into his cup to tempt him and he decided juicy was much sweeter than his strong will for he gave in and "said" please.Now he happily is doing the sign for please as he savors his precious morning juice.

My baby boy getting his first hair cut.

With doing school with Wil and trying to work with Mags on some things, clean the kitchen (Trey likes to climb on the dishwasher when it is open). Trey is very much into everything...just a curious little thing and I don't want to discourage it, but there are times I need him confined so that I can do what I like to call a 10 minute drill which might include: a lesson with Wil, chore time, and a quick bathroom break. I decided to get out the old pack-n-play so that I could have peace that Trey was safe while I did my drill. At first it was this picture, but now he knows the "drill". I am so thankful that I stuck it out those first couple days.

This is NOT a pacifier. It is worse. It is a ring pop (just a little of the candy was left on it, but STILL. What was daddy thinking?) Now most of you know how particular I am about their teeth, but if you saw what I saw in my 6 years working for a dentist...well you might sing a different tune. I was not happy about this one, and yet I got my camera out. He is my baby and he just looked so content.

Here is his initiation into boyhood. It is his first black eye. The tray fell off of his highchair as he reached desperately forward for his daddy. Unfortunately their was a chair between him and Tommy and Tommy could not stop his fall.

Well these are the days with Trey. He is fun fun fun. He is sharp as a tack and not afraid of a little conflict. I can't get enough of him. Thank You, LORD for our little surprise.
I almost forgot this one. This is him imitating us. He is praying while he eats lunch. He does this and babbles like he is saying something. He'll quickly raise his head as to say Amen. It doesn't get any cuter than this!!