Sep 19, 2009

Just Like Brother

Tommy tells me that his love for basketball was kindled because of his older brother's love for the sport. 90% of their days (and nights) for that matter were spent with a basketball. Even to this day they both shared that common interest. I want Wil and Trey to be close brothers with a relationship that is strong. I want them to be confident that their brother always has their back, but a relationship healthy enough to hold each other accountable.
Wilson has always loved basketball and is very serious about it. Wilson is serious about everything though. Trey on the other hand is proving himself as one that doesn't take himself seriously at all!! His favorite thing to do is make you laugh so when he began to pick up a ball I didn't think he was going to have a lot of interest in it except to bounce it off his head so we'd laugh. WRONG! These days all he wants to do is play basketball.
I'm so excited just because I was thinking we were going to have two kids going in different directions with their interest which would have been perfectly fine. God created each of us different. I am just thrilled to see they have at least one common interest in which to relate with one another. Regardless of their differences I want them to know and Maggie to know that we love them and the LORD loves them for who they are not what their interests are. We watched Michael Jordan being inducted into the basketball hall of fame and I was saddened by his attitude. It was just one night so I will make no further judgement than to say he apparently had not eaten his humble pie that day. Honestly it can be a struggle when your kids show mega interest in a certain thing, but I want to make sure my kids are never led to believe by Tom and me that their significance and importance is found in their abilities or accomplishments.

Sep 8, 2009

A Great Song

Typically I'm not wowed by a song the first time I hear it. It takes me a while to listen to the words and the music to say, "I like that song". However a few weeks ago I heard a song on Klove that caught my attention from the very first line and I wanted to share it with you. I love this song because it causes me to think on the LORD in a deeper way. To me that is what makes a great song!! It just came available to download off itunes. Last night Tom and I just sat and listened to it praising God for giving us a Savior. Oh how I need a Savior. We are wondering around useless (even if we don't realize it) without our Savior. Because of this I am literally desperately eager to serve Him and live for Him NOT because I have to but because I want to. Thank you heavenly Father for sending me a Savior and for not leaving me in my sin. You truly are a marvelous God! Just click on the link to listen to it from and tell me what you think.