Aug 27, 2009

This week our home school group had their annual basketball camp. It was our first year to participate and we have been enjoying it. The first day I failed my son and had to ask for his forgiveness. Most of us that have children have at least one who is just like us. For me, that is my oldest Wilson. I understand him so well because I'm just like him. I know why he has to have a plan to survive, why he won't break tradition even if it kills him, why he will erase his work 300 times until it is just right, why he can't tell a funny story to save his life, and why he despises chaos. My Wil is just like his momma, but sometimes it frustrates me because I want him to be distinctly different from me in the ways I don't like about myself. I hope that makes sense. Anyway we arrive at camp on the first day to utter shooting the basketballs, running around, and because it hadn't actually started yet there was no one to give instructions or any kind of plan. That will send Wilson running in the other direction or at least hiding behind my leg. Now I know how much fun he is going to have once he gets out there. I mean c'mon the child breathes sports. However he isn't budging and refuses to get himself a ball and play. I get so mad that I tell him in a not so nice voice that he is being ridiculous all the while knowing exactly why he is behaving this way. My frustration only made it worse. My very wonderful friend who can be honest with me was sitting right there. Rachel said "don't push it. you'll only regret it". That was not actually her words but what she meant was it isn't a battle you should fight. The LORD showed me that I must learn to discern when I should step in ....and make sure my motive is not because I want him to look a certain way. I should step in when his behavior or character is unacceptable (this was not the case). I do not want to be a parent that cares only what others think of my children , but sometimes I do care and most of the time I am wrong in that. God says train Wil, Maggie, and Trey in the way they should go by God's standards not people's standards or even my standards! I want to shoot for a 10 with them even if I only hit an 8 (and sometimes I won't even hit the board) BUT I want to do it for God's glory not my own.
Here they are doing little dribblers drills. Wil is behind the little blond girl who says she is going to marry Wil.
This is the K and 1st, and second graders at the camp waiting patiently for their instructions.
Once the coach called them in the circle to give them the plan, Wil was in 100% and never let the ball go. I have to say Wil gives his all to most things and most especially sports.

Look at that fine form!

Thanks for the fun camp CHE.

Aug 20, 2009

Wilson turned 6 yesterday. My first born and beloved son is growing too fast for me. He had a great birthday yet simple. His pick was grandma and papa's house! He'd live out there if he could... until papa put him to work on the tractor that is. He was very pleased with his gifts from Tommy and I. He got a new ball glove and a Razor scooter. Now he doesn't have to borrow the neighbor's. I am blessed beyond measure and so is Wil to have a mommy and daddy who love him more than he will ever know. The note you can barely see which I tried to delete off this post but couldn't is the note Tommy left for Wil on the fridge before he went to work. Wil thought it was pretty cool!! Tom signed it "buddies forever" which has always been their saying.

Aug 12, 2009

Trey Time

We are well into our second week of school and I've learned two things. One is that I give hats-off to teachers who can run an entire classroom. And two Trey has hit the terrible and wonderful twos all at the same time. He is, as much as I love him, the hardest part of school for us. So because of this, I want to try to set aside some constructive Trey time (a.k.a Tot School). Here is a taste of it in photograph language.

First here is Mags sporting her massive boo boo. She collided with the concrete falling off her bike. She takes those turns like a wild woman.

This is what I like to call "Bead Transfer". He did this forever as I stuck close by waiting and watching for him to stick one in his ear, nose, or mouth. He did good though. He took the spoon and scooped up beads from one container and put them in the other. He used some great variations in transferring. It works his fine motor skills and I think it helps their concentration and ability to focus on something for longer than 2 minutes. Maggie and Wil enjoyed this as well but they used tweezers to make their transfers.

Here it is hard to tell what his activity is. Really he is just taking paint bottle out and putting paint bottles in a tin can. It is an easy way to familiarize him with his colors. Hammer time. Here we are pounding spiral pasta into a box with pre-made holes. Sound pointless? It isn't really! Its good practice for him the next time Maggie tries to pick him up.

We are loving being back in the swing of things.

Aug 3, 2009

Our First Day

Today was our first official day of school. Momma rolled out of bed late of all mornings, but we had a blessed day. I tried to ease us into it. We did our devotions at breakfast and headed to Walmart for folders and doughnuts. The only two "real" subjects we hit were math and grammar. Tomorrow, however, I am frightened of....its a full day! We'll have math, spelling, reading, history, writing, art, and math plus some. God is sufficient and I'm trusting in that to get us through. Shouldn't we everyday!
Here they are not so bright eyed first thing in the morning. Isn't it nice to wake up to a camera pointing right at you!!

Leave it to my Maggie girl to pose to make it "look" like she is well you know. Finally they found the perfect art work folder. By the semester's end they will be filled with cut-outs of hearts, and drawings of hearts of every color of construction paper. They both are really into drawing hearts these days.

....a little math

....a little p.e.

Trey's favorite subject is music. He can actually blow us a little tune on the lovely recorder.

Here Wil and Maggie are making a lap book on common person nouns. How else do you make nouns fun?

Our letters turned out a little too big I know, but you get the point.
Inside are pictures and symbols glued to help them understand the concept of common person nouns. We'll see how effective it is. Maggie is now too cool for school with momma's shades on. There were no complaints as we talked about doing it all again tomorrow. That's a relief!