Nov 13, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Here we are at Lifeway dropping off our shoe box. They are one of the drop-off locations.
This was our first year to do Operation Christmas Child. Every year my intentions have been to do it, but this, that, or a baby would come along. But this year we made it happen. My love language is giving gifts (and getting them honestly) so this was lots of fun for me!!! We bought for a 10-14 year old boy which to me was the toughest age range to know what to buy. We got a football, some hot wheels, a harmonica, hack-a-sack balls, lots of candy, and some other stuff. The hardest part of course was keeping our kids focused. I know as they get older it will get easier and more exciting for them as they grow to understand what we are actually doing. Maggie's response to me telling her we were going to buy some gifts for kids who don't have much at all was, "well whose gonna do that for us?" I don't sweat it though. We just have to keep on taking opportunities to teach them about giving which is hard to do living in America. Don't get me wrong. I love America. Its just that we are so very blessed to live as we do. Operation Christmas Child is neat because we get to track our box and hopefully see who gets our box. Wil calls him "Tyler". So "Tyler" where ever you are, "May the LORD bless you and Merry Christmas". Go to and search for Operation Christmas Child and you will be able to see some videos. They are very touching. Or go to to learn more about taking part in OCC.