Jun 27, 2009

I'm Divin' In

I am losing my will to survive in the blogging world. I simply would rather do other things and have other things to do. I have been spending any spare moment I have trying to organize our upcoming home school year. I enjoy it, but every time I think I have it figured out I don't. Plus we've had dance camp, basketball camp, baseball games and now basketball games. It has been a little hectic since late May, but we are starting to wind down thankfully.

So even though my blogging has seemingly ceased, my blogging moments have not. I should call my blog, " Dads Rock", because every other post is about daddy moments. This afternoon we got home from a birthday party and the kids wanted to swim (even though they had just finished playing on one of those huge blow up water slides at the party). Tommy had shocked our pool today because he obsessively wants it to stay clean and he had found what he thought to be a green ring starting to form at the bottom. Honestly, honey, I couldn't see it, but bless your heart for being an awesome pool guy! They got in the pool and called me over while they were swimming and said that the water smelled strong like bleach. Yes, yes it did! I checked the chlorine level and the water is suppose to turn a yellow color. It turned bright orange. "Everybody out!" I say lest your eyes burn blind and your skin fall off.
Of course the kids still wanted to swim so Tom being the fun dad he is got out the $10 pool that belongs to Trey, filled it up, and played in it with them. Tommy can never just half way play. It is all or nothing with him. When I looked out the window he was in the pool built for 2 small children and eventually had to start a diving contest. This video is footage of that diving contest. Take another look. Tommy won and Maggie lost. C'mon girl. What kind of "dive" was that? Listen closely and you will hear Trey crack up at Tommy.

Jun 9, 2009


Vacations come and go so quickly. I remember 120 days ago starting our vacation countdown with the kids. And here we are 5 days out of it. Branson was our vacation destination and it was well worth the wait. We did a lot, ate a lot, and laughed a lot. One thing I can't say the trip was and that is relaxing. Momma still had to cook some, keep us on schedule, and worry about the details. But my pleasure comes from seeing my family enjoy themselves. Can I get an amen, moms? Enough of my words! Pictures are much more fun.

And we're off....it took 4 hrs to get there and 7 hours to get home. At every stop homeward you would hear me say "that is the last stop" until finally my threats became a big joke.

Trey was no so impressed with the cold water pool.

Grandma and Papa joined us for a few days. Wil and Mags love G & P! Here are Mags and Papa at Branson Landing...great shopping is to be had here.

Maggie got to experience stage performing of course in Branson and quickly decided she was made to perform. She seized the opportunity at Tom's cousin's diner (The Barbara Fairchild diner) and sung so sweetly and little shyly, but she didn't want to let go of that microphone!

Here we are at the Sights and Sounds Theatre. This where we saw Noah the musical. It was wonderful. It was the neatest thing we did for many reasons. The story of Noah and the flood will never be the same for Wil and Mags in a good way.

O.k I'm tired of captioning! Just consider the rest a "caption this"

This is my favorite picture of the trip!! I love it.