Dec 20, 2009

Wil Losing His First Tooth

I couldn't get facebook to post this video. I had to find another avenue! So here is Wilson getting his first tooth pulled. It was just dangling. I didn't dare want to pull it so I got my mom to do it. She bribed him with money. It worked! His friends have been pulling their teeth left in right so we've been eagerly awaiting this day.

Dec 19, 2009

Christmas Fun

Well here we are the Saturday before Christmas. I am feeling very calm considering. It's almost a little scary how calm I sit here while my 3 children are playing tag with a big cardboard weapon. Well maybe I'm not as sane as I thought. I just had to spell check the word cardboard. We've had some fun these past 3 days with no school and just having some Christmas fun. Anyone that knows me well has heard me grumble and complain about the lack of creativity given me. So when Christmas rolls around I feel this enormous pressure to be do interesting things with my kids to keep their mind focused on the real meaning of Christmas. And for the life of me I could not come up with a game plan this year. I just took it to the LORD and asked Him to guide me as each day came in December. He was faithful to show Tommy and me little ways here and there to teach them about the reason we celebrate Christmas. And honestly it doesn't have to be some wonderful craft or elaborate activity. It only takes us spending time with them and talking with them and most importantly living it out before them!!

Having said this, we did do some cute activities that was lots of fun for us. Each one ended in a huge mess, but they got to exercise their creativity and I got to exercise my patience. Tommy and I were reminded last night after watching old home videos together with the kiddos that their childhood is so very brief. Giving them our time and love are the best two gifts our kids can receive from us even if they think it is a DS Lite and a baby doll cradle.

This is Wil and his friend Abbie (a.k.a Mary and Joseph). They put on a Nativity play for us.
It was fun. Abbie said "I don't even like to pretend I'm married to Wil." Wil kept playing basketball while Mary was having birthing pains- ha.

Our annual Christmas cookie decorating night.

Like our fruitful candle?